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Covid-19 FAQ's

These continue to be difficult and distressing times for us all. As an experienced childcare provider we have looked in detail at ways in which we can continue to operate in order to not only keep children happy and healthy and enhance their well-being during this unusual time. But also to help support key workers and parents return to work during the school summer holidays.

For summer 2020, we will only be offering Day Camps at 2 locations.

In order to operate, we have put in place safety measures to conform with Government guidance and advice, allowing children to still participate in our activities whilst maintaining their safety, and the safety of others.
This of course has meant some significant changes to how we will be operating for summer 2020, which we ask for your understanding and patience with.

Please also note that camps we are offering during summer 2020 are subject to change, dependent on the Government directives on Covid-19.
We will be sure to keep this website and customers informed of any changes as and when they occur.

In line with Government directives, we will be operating slightly differently to normal. Firstly, activity groups will be separated by age, these will form “bubbles”. In each bubble will be 8-12 children along with a member of Xplore staff who will stay with the group.

The children will remain together in their bubble for the whole week, participating in the same schedule of activities as one another. Xplore staff will endeavour to keep children apart and will constantly remind all campers within their bubble that they must still remain 2 metres apart, however we ask for your understanding that especially with young children this may prove difficult to uphold at times but all efforts will be made.

During group activities, equipment will also be separated by 2 metres. Other activities that are ‘individually’ based may require a member of Xplore staff to come within 2 metres in order to check safety equipment such as (but not limited to) buoyancy aids, harnesses or helmets. In these instances, Xplore staff will be wearing PPE and trained in applying and removing this safely.

We will continue to review government guidance for educational and childcare settings to ensure what protective measures are required to ensure a safe experience for children, parents and staff, these are subject to change as restrictions are eased.

For 2020, only a whole week (Monday to Friday) can be booked for day camps.

This is to ensure we are following government guidance on being covid-secure and to ensure easy track and trace should any symptoms occur amongst our campers. Each week, the campers will be split into small groups or bubbles, and will stay together during the entire week following the same programme of activities rather than the whole camp interacting and mixing together, each and every single day. The problem with allowing new bookings on a daily basis is that we would then be unable to track who potentially came into contact with who; whereas by closely monitoring small groups, we can contain any transmission to a small number.

We are also taking preventative steps to ensure no body with any signs or symptoms of Covid-19 are on-site, but bubbles and asking parents to only book a week at time strengthens this protection even further.

Morning drop off/ sign-in and afternoon pick up/collection times will be staggered by age group in order for us to manage and maintain social distancing for our parents. This approach will also help to avoid queues getting too long and prevent age groups mixing
We kindly ask parents to support us in upholding these times.

Ages 8 to 11: 09:10 – 09:30
Ages 12 to 14: 08:50 – 09:10
Ages 15 to 16: 08:30 – 08:50

Ages 8 to 11: 17:00 – 17:10
Ages 12 to 14: 17:10 – 17:20
Ages 15 to 16: 17:20 – 17:30

Each Monday, on the ‘first day’ of camp, parents will be asked to complete a ‘symptom checker’ for their child/ren attending. This form is designed to audit all children in our care to ensure safety for all.

Children will only interact with their “group bubble’ and our Activity Instructors.
No. Usually, our camps are all about making the world a smaller place, bringing different nationalities and cultures together, however with many countries in lockdown and quarantine measures in place for those arriving into the UK, we will only be welcoming children from England to our camps.

Our Camps and high-contact areas will be cleaned thoroughly and regularly.

Increased hand washing and sanitising for children throughout the day, before and following each activity.

All equipment will be cleaned at the start of the day and following every activity session. In addition to this, we will aim to minimise sharing of equipment between children in the same bubble.

In instances where sharing is required, our instructors will clean and disinfect shared equipment frequently.

We aim to offer a vast range of activities throughout the week, but we are constantly following Government guidance so certain activities may be unavailable. Some activities may be modified to maximise outdoor space and to ensure social distancing, whilst still ensuring the activities and camps are as fun as possible. We have a list of all available activities here We have made the decision to remove Quad Biking as an activity choice for summer 2020. Despite trialling different PPE and cleaning measures, we feel it is not possible to put suitable covid protocols in place whilst still adhering to our quad biking safety precautions which involve riders wearing and sharing a full-face helmet.

Please do not bring your child to camp. Instead call our Head Office on 01449 742700 to let us know your child will not be attending.

Please see our booking T&C’s for more details on cancellation due to illness or Covid-19.

We will ask every parent upon arrival on first day at camp to complete a ‘symptom checker’ form to ensure that no child under our care has had any signs of Covid-19 symptoms prior to attending our camps.

If a child shows any Covid-19 symptoms whilst in our care (high temperature, new continuous cough), they must be sent home, Government
guidance should then be followed.

If another child has shown symptoms and been sent home, we will notify the other parents with children in the same bubble. There is no need to remove or cancel children from camp who have not shown any symptoms.

More information can be found in our booking terms & conditions 

General FAQ's

Kit list can be downloaded here

We recommend wearing comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing that doesn’t matter too much if it gets muddy or wet, layers are a good idea and it is always best to bring a change of clothes, just in case (including socks!) Trainers or shoes with a good grip and that covers the whole foot are best, wellies or sandals are not suitable. Waterproof raincoats for wet weather, sun hat and sun cream for hot weather. Water bottle – we will ensure lots of breaks throughout the day to make sure this is filled up. Please make sure all items have your child’s name clearly printed inside. There is no need to bring any electrical items or items of high worth – it is likely that you won’t get time to use them and we would hate for anything to get broken or lost!

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 restrictions at the host schools we take over, we are unable to provide lunch for 2020.
All those attending Day Camps will need to bring a packed lunch with them.

In an aim to protect those with nut allergies, we operate a nut-free policy and ask all parents to refrain from packing any nuts or nut products in their child’s lunchbox.

We have separate activity sessions for children aged 8-11, 12-14 and 15+ year olds for appropriate staff ratios and so we can tailor activity sessions for those ages but if we know that your child wishes to be with a sibling or friend in a different age group we will do our best to keep them together.
We have split children into different age groups to help them settle and make friends with children of a similar age. It also means we can deliver activities at an age-appropriate level, for example the outcome of an archery session for a 9 year old will be very different to the outcome for a 14 year old. We also abide by staff to child ratios as set out by Ofsted, which for younger children, aged under 11 is 1:8 but for over 12’s is 1:12.

We will be unable to move any child between groups/bubbles, this is for the safety of your child and the safety of others to prevent potential transmission between groups.

We can offer some flexibility (ie. a more mature 11 year old joining the 12-14 year old group) but this will be at the camp managers discretion as we will have staffed the activities according to the age of the children we are expecting to attend and to allow us to operate with correct staffing ratios.

Xplore activity camps allow children and teens the independence to make memories with new friends by themselves, whilst being in a safe and secure environment. Meeting other nationalities can help students to develop respect, understanding and appreciation for different cultures.

We are Ofsted registered as a provider of childcare on on-domestic premises on the voluntary part of the Childcare Register.

Our Ofsted setting reference numbers are:
Camp Finborough: EY386593
Camp Pangbourne: EY2591582
Camp Taverham:

If your child is at Day Camp, please call Head Office on 01449 742700 and we will speak to the relevant member of staff at the camp.

We endeavour to offer the opportunity for all children to attend camp however this can only be achieved if we have the correct information about a child’s needs upon booking. We would appreciate it if you are able to let us know if there is anything currently affecting your child so we can better meet their needs and help them interact with others.

It is the responsibility of the parent(s)/guardian(s) to fully advise Xplore of any disability, social or behavioural problem that the child has or recently had which might affect them or others during their time with us. If your child has additional needs, we are happy to discuss how we can accommodate them at camp.

However unfortunately, Xplore is unable to provide 1:1 support for children with additional needs. We are happy for children with 1:1 support to join us if this can be organised or provided by the parent/guardian, however Xplore cannot take responsibility for children and carers following Covid-19 guidance.

We also reserve the right to not accept a child in our care if full information about medical or physical conditions or behavioural matters is not provided at the time of booking or they are deemed incompatible with the well-being of the camp and others.

Activity FAQ's

Safety is fundamental in the activities we provide and our extensive list of external accreditations and internal safety processes ensures activities only pose a ‘perceived’ risk. Each activity session begins with the issuing of appropriate safety equipment and the safety briefing.

For all activities, the appropriate safety equipment is provided for all participants. For example, harnesses or buoyancy aids.
Our equipment standards are high, and a logbook system is in place to monitor all safety-critical items.

Our activity programmes have been developed around safety: delivered by a team with knowledge, expertise and passion. All Staff hold Safeguarding, First Aid at Work Qualifications and are Enhanced DBS. Being Ofsted registered, we follow their recommendations on child-to-staff ratios for every camp we run.
Each day is made up of 4 activity sessions that last 90 minutes each. Between each activity session is 30 minutes break time to allow the next activity session to be set up and the campers to grab a drink, go to the toilet or reapply sun cream for example.
Each activity session is 90 minutes long. This allows for a safety briefing and instruction from our instructors on the activity as well as getting into and safety checking any equipment the children need to wear such as life jackets, helmets and harnesses. This will usually last about 15-30 minutes leaving a good hour for the activity.
Normally your child would have a choice of activities each session from a selection on offer at that camp. However due to how we need to operate to comply with Covid-19 guidance, we are not able to offer choice in each session and instead will be working within bubbles, whereby each bubble of children will participate in a set programme of activities during the week.
Programmes are written dependent on the number of children we are expecting, therefore in order to be as accurate as possible, programmes are not published in advance. We are unable to tell you in advance exactly what activities will be available on the days your child is at camp, however we will display the weekly schedule at sign in, but please know this can still be subject to change.
At Xplore, we love being outdoors so we aim to stay outside in the fresh air unless the weather makes an activity dangerous or not enjoyable. We always have an alternative activity indoors!

Booking FAQ's

We only accept online booking and payment, which is now available. You need to click ‘book now’ in the top menu, or a ‘book now’ button found on the page of the camp you would like to book, select the correct dates and add to cart. Then click your cart and proceed to checkout. Add a discount code if you have one (NHS parents and pupils of the schools the camps are held at receive 15% discount) We will then ask for some key information about your child attending.

We monitor our bookings constantly and adjust our staffing accordingly, however we can reach capacity and can get fully booked in which case the option to book will be removed from our system.

If spaces remain, booking availability will stay open until Thursday evening/ Friday morning before the week you wish to book. The reason for this, is to allow us the Friday to organise programming and staffing for the following week.

For example, bookings for week commencing Monday 17th August, must be made by 9am Friday 14th July.

Each child needs to be booked individually. Please follow the above instructions for each child. This will mean you have one booking and payment to make per child.
Yes, our Day Camps do get fully booked so we do ask that you pay for your child’s camp on booking to secure their place.
All bookings and payments have to be made using our online system. For security reasons our staff at camp are not allowed to take bookings or payments on site.
We accept all major Childcare Vouchers. If booking online, just select ‘Childcare vouchers’ as your payment method and you will be able to checkout. Please then make a note of our account details with Childcare Voucher provider you use, log into your account and process your payment using our account details. Please note that Childcare voucher payments can take up to 10 days to reach us, we will try where possible to confirm when payment has been received.

By booking you verify that you have read our T&C’s, please could we ask that you make yourself familiar with them. Please click here to read a copy

You can view our privacy policy here.
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