School Holiday Camps & Activity Clubs

Xplore Activity Camps are energetic and lively, championing outdoor adventure, independence and social integration.

Our school holiday camps are the perfect place for 8 to 17 year olds to meet new friends with other children and teenagers from around the world and spend their days testing their limits with challenging and fun outdoor activities.

Holiday Camps for all Ages

Xplore Activities

Age 8 to 11

Our Ofsted registered camps offer a safe and fun place for 8 to 10 year olds to spend their school holidays.

We offer loads of exciting adventure activities that younger children will LOVE! From quad biking and crate climbing to challenge their senses or arts and crafts to inspire creativity, or even just running around outdoors to burn off all that extra energy!

Day Camps for
younger children

Learn more about Day Camps

School holiday multi-activity day camps are available in Suffolk. Fun and active childcare option for younger children between 8:30 – 16:30. Only £35 per day and lunch included!

Sleepover Camps

What’s more exciting than a sleepover?
A WHOLE week of sleepovers!
Perfect for that “first-time away from home” experience – with non-stop action, friendly leaders and top-notch pastoral care.

Camps for ages 12 to 14

Age 12 to 14

Looking to keep young teenagers and pre-teens entertained during the school holidays? – look no further than an Xplore activity holiday camp!

Whether attending camp daily or staying for the whole week, our camps encourage pre-teens to socialise with others building their confidence, testing their limits and allowing space to develop all important team and leadership skills.

School Holiday Camps for Teenagers

Find your nearest Day Camp

Choose Culford or  St Joseph’s College and enjoy  one of our camps focusing on either Football, Xplore Activities, Rugby and more. Lunch included and only £35 per day!

Residential Summer Camps

Try an adventure away this summer!
Spend a week away from home at one of our  residential summer camps.
An all-inclusive digital detox with activities keeping you busy from morning ’til night!

Active Study Camps for ages 15 to 16

Age 15 to 16

Summer camps for older teens can be difficult to find, and summer holidays can be a fantastic time to be working on all-important tangible skills for the future. 

All our camps for older teenagers focus on age appropriate activities to aim to nurture social and practical skills, as well as other elements that young adults will love, like meeting new people and increasing their own self-esteem.

Summer Camps for
older teens

A week away from home?

Live on campus at one of our residential camps and feed your inner adventurer.
At the same time, meet new mates, achieve shared goals and gain confidence and independence in a new environment.

Have you thought about going to a summer camp in another country?
Check out our Summer Camps Abroad.


How to choose the best summer camp for you...

No? Try our day camps,  you to come to camp each day (Monday to Friday) and leave just before dinner but you still get a full day’s worth of activities.

Please note, we are only offering Day Camps for 2021. We are planning to offer both Day and Residential Camps in 2022.

Yes! Sounds like a residential camp is the answer for you. Arrive on a Saturday and stay for a whole week, during which you will meet new friends of the same age, get to do some sightseeing and spend the summer days taking part in some really fun and challenging activities.

How easy will it be for your parents to drop you off at camp?

For day camps, it’s common to pick a camp that is close to home so parent’s can fit drop off and pick up around their working day.

For residential camps, we welcome parents dropping off and checking in but if this is not possible, we can offer transfers from London Heathrow on select weekends, so make sure to ask us about them in case this is easier.

What about going abroad for the summer? On your own? (well…with others your age)
We offer safe, experienced camps in Germany and America should you feel like spreading your wings and exploring!

Each camp is suited to different ages – from younger children aged 8 to 11, to older teens aged 15 to 17 as well as those in between!

This makes meeting new friends the same age as you really easy!

Although we have set age ranges for each camp, we can be flexible, so please contact us if there is a camp you’re really interested in but might be a couple of months older or younger.

Although all of our camps offer our core activities, some camps have different activities and facilities available.

Planning on coming for a whole week? Make sure to also take a look at our specialist camps!
We have specialist camps for both day camps and residential camps. If you are mad about Football or Rugby, we have camps for those! We even have camps for building and programming robots, surviving the great outdoors with our bushcraft camps and learning to push boundaries with a leadership camp

Lorna Redgewell
Facebook Review
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"My children loved Xplore. Would highly recommend to everyone to send their children there. Not only are the activities fun, they are things that you would probably not think of doing with your children"
Rae Warner
Facebook Review
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"I have been using the Xplore Activity days for school holidays for about 5 years for my two boys, they both started as soon as they were old enough. They love the variety of activities on offer and absolutely LOVE the day camp staff. They would spend the whole of the holidays there if they could !! Thank's Xplore, keep up the good work"
Izzy Aves
Facebook Review
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My 10 year old daughter has so much fun at the holiday day activity camps. She has mastered many new skills, made new friends and loves the staff and the confidence they give her. Booking online is so easy, all details are saved first time, so booking the next time is just a few clicks. Excellent value for money, she is looking forward to her next adventure at the end of the month!
Jim Fanshaw
Facebook Review
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"My two young daughters had 4 days each at Xplore's Day Camps at Woodbridge school during the summer holidays. I can honestly say they enjoyed every minute of it. Xplore enabled them to try activities they had never tried before in a safe, fun and engaging way. They came home each day full of chatter about the events and full of praise for the staff there. Thanks Xplore for providing a fantastic alternative to child care for some of the school holidays!"

We are a trusted camp provider with nearly 20 years experience

Since Lewi and Ben took over the company in 2002, we have been dedicated to promoting the benefit of independent travel, whether that be making the most of your summer holidays with a summer camp away from home or travelling abroad.

Before that, Xplore has been in existence under different names (you might remember ‘Kids Klub’ or ‘KG Adventure’) but we have continued to offer school holiday activity clubs and summer camps to children and teens since 1986!

Our top priority is ensuring the safety of those in our care. To maintain our high standards, we are monitored by national organisations and hold a number of industry-recognised accreditations that endorse our excellence in education and safety standards.

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